Don’t Ask Me


Why are you asking me

What is the natural home of a sword

I, who have never fought a war


You can look at a bird, and know her nest

(small,neat or big and clumsy)

I have imagination, proved


You hear the voices when on a shore

of ecstasy and despair of drowned

I put my head in her lap, and smell it


©  Vipin Behari Goyal

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I exists.Is that enough?

Free choices are ridiculous.

Life is absurd but so is death.

“I think that I think”.

That I who knows this I is illusioned.

That which appears is only Truth.

ennui beholds the life.

Control it and there will be no difference in pleasure and grief.

Maya is Lila.See her eye to eye.

Faith is delusion. Ignorance is bliss.

follow instincts.

Void is a minor vice.

Aspire for eternal bliss.

Be timeless, space-less,faceless, ego-less,motionless, notion-less.

Beauty is in sadness

Beauty is in sadness

Everything that is beautiful comes to an end

Leaving an emptiness behind

Beauty if has a pride, becomes ugly

And with happiness is seldom tolerable

When it is obvious I could easily ignore

When I seek for it I find it perish

beauty lies in the realm of sadness

which  is her eternal home.

Everything beautiful attracts its destruction

Anything beautiful is bound by time and space

No beauty is absolute and no perception is pure

Mind holds few images set by a parameter

Stare into the eyes of that which makes you sad

Let every moment of emptiness be filled with that

Compassion will percolate and beauty will emerge

Oh Buddha! is that not my path of salvation?

Vipin Behari

The Way of the White Clouds

I saw a piece of small white cloud,
Drifting in light blue sky,
And suddenly felt the same way.
It was purposely alone,
Wandering but not searching,
Learning new treks all the time,
By the wishes of winds.
There is no resistance,
No surrender
Nor any guilt or self-pity.
As if winds are blowing,
According to his wishes,
And not that he is drifting,
According to wishes of winds.
And shapes are changing all the time,
Every moment
Something new,
Never before,
Never after this moment.
Others see it as unstable,
But I know from deep within.
It’s always same.
Now I wish to rush, let wind be fast
Towards that huge cloud,
I am eager and excited,
The big cloud spreads its arm,
To embrace me,
And I lost my existence.


The Cactus Flower

Ultimately it bloomed,
Oblivious of thorns,
And wilderness
That surrounded it.
It was not easy
To decide
To bloom or not to
It Longley contemplated,
All virtues and vices
That world is indifferent to.
The beauty that would be
Set up on waste
The beauty that may
Long for an entire life
An admirer.
So what’s the use
Just to make world
Little more beautiful
For such a short time.
Life was full of options
Even before its existence
One day a monk came
To settle on a nearby rock
Looked around and said
Here is place I can reach
That made it to decide
A valid reason to bloom.


If You Want To Rock

For many centuries
I was in the womb of earth
Hot and molten
Till one day earth decided
To show me the world
It threw me out
And I kept on walking
Till I lost, all my strength
My energy and aggression
Melted and I became a solid
The world around me
Is so beautiful
And now I know what I missed
For so many centuries.
I am a beautiful rock
As if God himself
Has chiseled me
Passers by like to relax on me
Children play hide and seek
All around me
Now there is grass at my bottom
And slowly I get weathered
May be as it took
Many centuries to become rock
One day I will be sand again
With the rainwater I will flow
To the depths of ocean.


Live Like River

I know only to flow
All the time ,round the year
From time immemorial
I like to change my style
And be appreciated for
Color of my water
In all shades of brown to blue
The music of my movement
Creates a magic
When I start my journey
From the foothill
I am slightly nervous
Slowly with each step
In right direction
I gain confidence
I do not know what happened
Just a moment before
I have already traveled
And that moment is now history
I wonder when I see
People talking about past
Or about future
They are so wise
But unable to understand
A simple fact of life.


Empty As I am



Empty as I am

fill me with your pure love

up to the brim and overflowing

embedded love

having no boundries

till I cry out of joy

empty as I am


Empty as I am

be my angel of abundance

fill me with life

make me acceptable to

peace , love and happiness

as part of my life

empty as I am


Empty as I am

fill me with seeds of compassion 

that may germinate in me

your presence manyfold times

many hearts beating as one

music that fulfills my soul

empty as I am


Empty as I am.

© vipingoyal