I saw a piece of small white cloud,
Drifting in light blue sky,
And suddenly felt the same way.
It was purposely alone,
Wandering but not searching,
Learning new treks all the time,
By the wishes of winds.
There is no resistance,
No surrender
Nor any guilt or self-pity.
As if winds are blowing,
According to his wishes,
And not that he is drifting,
According to wishes of winds.
And shapes are changing all the time,
Every moment
Something new,
Never before,
Never after this moment.
Others see it as unstable,
But I know from deep within.
It’s always same.
Now I wish to rush, let wind be fast
Towards that huge cloud,
I am eager and excited,
The big cloud spreads its arm,
To embrace me,
And I lost my existence.



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