Love is immortal



Are you sure

love is immortal

that we can love

with same intensity



I want to believe you

but my heart refuses

let it take everyday

as a gift

for being with you.


If ever this warmth is lost

you would be glad if

I carry the cold dead weight

and die before death

and you sleep happily

in the arms of another.



Goodbye forever

Goodbye forever

It was not so difficult

to depart as strangers

there was no pain

and you did not cry

I wanted to depart as friends

but that was difficult

So I sais goodbye

without looking at you

and you whispered something back

that I could not hear


There is no longing

and no craving left in me

for your proximity

which was once so vital

there is no insecurity or vaccum

that can drag me

to another such relation

where two loving person

one day become strangers


The Yogi Tree

old tree


It is an old tree
just outside the village
I don’t know how old it is
My grandpa, pa and I
Have played under it.
It has silently witnessed
All marriages, child births and
Death in this village.
Animals and idle villagers
Sit under it.
In the evening, when
Birds return home
Animals to their owners
Villagers to housewives
Old tree is blissfully alone.
Nobody sleeps under it
In the night
Tree always know
What is happening in each home
Who is in love with whom
Who is cheating to spouse
Who is happy and 
Who is sad
Old tree has learned
Just to be witness
That’s the secret of his long life.


My Journey




It’s a journey
From high to low
And many many falls
To find the origin.
People are intrigue
The way I fall, and stand spellbound
To watch me for hours
I fall with a grace of young lady
Full of energy,and ready to explore
To make mistake and learn
The mysterious ways of life.
My first shock is a river
Which one-day I find on my way
And I lost my existence
With no one to blame
For I had chosen the path
Still I was happy to find a new strength
And slowly I realized
That loss of existence was growth
I traveled on plains and saw the world
And it was my turn to be intrigued
By its beauty and faith in me.
Than came the ocean
The biggest shock of my life
It seems like my search is over
I plunged myself in the depths
And could touch the infinity.


Can we meet again

Jacaranda treeAnd walk on the same roads

under the shadow of  trees

hear the sound of falling leaves

see the colorful flowers

in the background of lightblue sky.


Why you are speechless 

and only nodding

leaving me to judge

whether you want to or not

trembling of your fingers in my hand

speaking everything for you.


Here you left me bereaved,

mourned and shocked

sitting on a bench

under Jacaranda tree

 violet fallen flowers

and echo of your departing footstep

all around me.


I thought I would never

see you again

today when I came 

to sit on the same bench

as part of my daily life

 found you sitting here

as if nothing has happened

we were frozen in frame of time.

 I got the answer of my question

can we meet again

And walk on the same roads

under the shadow of  trees



Blessed one


Suspended at horizon

are demons like question

I knew the answer

but never cared to answer them

rafting against the swollen stream

no challenge is anymore a challenge

freedom from fear

is generating boredom

and gushing blood is frozen

To live this life happily

is my cost of liberation.